PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, Keep Your Promises DuPont released an open letter to the C-8 Medical Panel requesting oversight of the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program and citing recurring issues with the administration of the program to date. “I am appealing to the C-8 Medical Panel today to ask you to commence oversight of this program to… Read More

Drs. Dean Baker, Melissa McDiarmid, and Harold Sox: It has come to our attention that the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program has failed time and again to effectively deliver medical monitoring to the population the program was created to help: class members in the Mid-Ohio Valley who have been exposed to the harmful chemical C-8. The… Read More

DuPont withholds crucial information regarding the proposed sale of Washington Works plant PARKERSBURG, WV – With a proposed spinoff of its chemicals business looming in the weeks ahead, Keep Your Promises is demanding that DuPont release the documents that will show how the environmental damages caused by the company will be addressed following the sale.… Read More

PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, at a scheduled town hall meeting to discuss the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program, program director Michael Rozen of Feinberg Rozen, with DuPont representatives present, removed a reporter from local station WTAP-TV before the meeting could start. In a heated exchange, Michael Rozen also attempted to force members of Keep Your Promises… Read More

By Chris Dickerson, West Virginia Record PARKERSBURG – A group has made public $9 million in invoices paid by DuPont to a firm that is overseeing the medical monitoring program for C-8 litigation. But records also show that the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program ran by Michael Rozen’s firm, Feinberg Rozen, has paid out just over… Read More

By Jeffrey Saulton, News and Marietta Times PARKERSBURG -Recently released invoices dating back to February 2013 of payments by DuPont to the director of the medical monitoring program show $9 million has been paid for administration as part of the C8 lawsuit settlement while a small percentage has been paid for medical claims. Keep… Read More

PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, a series of invoices for payments by DuPont totaling $9 million to the administrator of the Medical Monitoring Program were made public by the community organization Keep Your Promises DuPont. Most believed the money paid to Michael Rozen’s firm, Feinberg Rozen, was for the successful administration of the program. However, to… Read More

PARKERSBURG, WV – Last week, Keep Your Promises drew the attention of Michael Rozen, director for the medical monitoring program funded by DuPont as part of the 2005 C-8 settlement, who announced an improved effort to reach out to potential victims of the chemical C-8 less than a week after Keep Your Promises announced its public… Read More

By Kyla Asbury, West Virginia Record CHARLESTON – An organization whose goal is to hold DuPont accountable for commitments to the people of the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley was launched Wednesday with a website called Keep Your Promises DuPont. Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization whose members lived and worked in the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley… Read More

By Evan Bevins, News and Sentinel PARKERSBURG – A watchdog group launched a website Wednesday it says is aimed at making sure DuPont honors its obligations over exposure to the chemical known as C8. The website contains information about C8, an invitation for people to share how the chemical has affected them and their… Read More