Today, Keep Your Promises advisor Harold Bock issued a statement on behalf of the campaign applauding the jury’s verdict in favor of plaintiff David Freeman in the third DuPont C-8 bellwether trial, including a compensatory award of $5.1 million and punitive damages. There will be additional testimony before the jury awards a dollar amount for punitive damages. Today’s verdict was the first of the DuPont C-8 trials to result in punitive damages for the plaintiff, indicating that DuPont showed conscious disregard for mid-Ohio Valley residents.

“We at Keep Your Promises are thrilled by the jury’s decision in this case. We were in the courtroom watching the proceedings throughout the trial, and based on the evidence we saw presented, which detailed DuPont’s decades long cover up of the harms of C-8 and the extent of contamination, we were certain that punitive damages would be awarded. This verdict vindicates all of us who have been fighting for DuPont to do the right thing, a fight that has lasted over a decade.

“Today’s verdict puts a spotlight on DuPont’s negligence and conscious disregard for the people of the mid-Ohio Valley. This verdict means that help is on the way for the thousands of residents waiting for their day in court, the dozens of communities in need of remediation, and the folks in the mid-Ohio Valley struggling to use the Medical Monitoring Program that has been mishandled by DuPont. To the extent that this is a signal of verdicts to come, this verdict alone will make the cost of DuPont’s C-8 abuse skyrocket into billions of dollars, which so many residents and communities sorely need.

“We wish to congratulate David Freeman for holding DuPont accountable, and we hope that the result in this trial gives everyone harmed by C-8 renewed hope that DuPont will be forced to keep its promises to mid-Ohio Valley communities in the near future.”