Today, in advance of DuPont’s and Chemours’s Annual General Meetings on Wednesday, Keep Your Promises DuPont released a summary of the growing C-8 liabilities facing the companies (read the summary here). Arising from several material developments for stakeholders, including the revelation of widespread contamination in the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States in addition to… Read More

March 29, 2016 | By Jess Mancini PARKERSBURG – The federal Environmental Protection Agency is studying whether additional action is warranted over C8 contamination in the Parkersburg and Vienna water systems, according to a letter to an attorney in the class action lawsuit against the company. The agency is continuing to study drinking water data… Read More

March 25, 2016 | By Jess Mancini PARKERSBURG – While Vermont officials are warning residents to stop drinking water at a second town where tests show C8 at a concentration over 0.02 parts per billion, West Virginia officials continue to follow the higher federal EPA short-term exposure guideline. Water samples tested from another town in… Read More

March 27, 2016 | By Laura Arenschield When a toxic chemical used to make Teflon was discovered in the drinking water in parts of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, federal and state officials made changes to protect residents. Officials in New York installed filters, and Vermont’s health department set a new standard for the… Read More

Today, Keep Your Promises DuPont issued a letter to DuPont CEO Ed Breen criticizing his continued lack of leadership and transparency in failing to disclose C-8 contamination issues in Dordrecht, Holland. A report released yesterday by Dutch regulatory agency RIVM confirmed C-8 contamination originating from DuPont’s plant dating back decades. The RIVM report states, “People living… Read More