Mike Romine grew up in Blennerhasset, West Virginia, not far from DuPont’s Parkersburg plant. Throughout his childhood and young adulthood, Romine was probably exposed through his drinking water to C8, a slippery, soap-like chemical used to make Teflon pans and Stainmaster carpet and hundreds of other products. His home was served by the Lubeck water… Read More

PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, Keep Your Promises addressed rumors from an undisclosed source that Michael Rozen, administrator of the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program since its inception, is to be replaced with a new administrator. “The Medical Monitoring Program that’s been administered by Rozen has been at best incompetent and at worst a fraud,” said Keep… Read More

DuPont’s Quarterly Earnings call this morning failed to address three ongoing questions surrounding significant, undisclosed liabilities facing the company and with serious implications for shareholders. DuPont should clarify its stance on the C-8 Leach litigation in light of the two decisions that recently came out of federal court. Given these recent decisions, we would expect… Read More

DuPont Co. on Tuesday sold two units at its Belle plant to a private firm, as the chemical giant neared the expected July 1 date for the controversial spinoff of its performance chemicals unit, which includes the Belle facility and half of the company’s Washington Works plant outside Parkersburg.

Optima Chemical Co. announced that it had purchased certain assets at the Belle plant, giving the privately held Optima a second manufacturing site to go with its existing facility in Douglas, Georgia.… Read More