My name is Dr. Paul Brooks, and my hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia has been poisoned by Dupont’s harmful chemical C-8 (also known as PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid).

Recent reports suggest that the Dordrecht community is similarly at risk.

In my hometown, DuPont contaminated hundreds of thousands of residents for decades – leading to countless cases of cancer, colitis and other horrible conditions.

Today, YOUR community is at risk.

Join our team below and learn what’s at stake for Dordrecht.

Dr-BrooksTen years ago, I led the study of 70,000 community members around Parkersburg, West Virginia that formed the basis for our knowledge of C-8’s harmful effects. I have seen the damage done by DuPont’s contamination firsthand, and I speak for our entire organization when I say that we are deeply concerned to see that DuPont has contaminated your community as well as ours.

We’ve fought to hold DuPont accountable for contaminating the mid-Ohio Valley where we live, and we have learned valuable lessons that we hope will be helpful to your community as you seek answers and accountability from this company.

We need your help to contact other interested community leaders, health care professionals, community activists or anyone that is concerned. We are a small organization and will need your help to make our fight successful.

Please sign up in the above form and, together, we’ll hold Dupont accountable for the damage they’ve done.


Dr. Paul Brooks
Keep Your Promises DuPont