PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, at a scheduled town hall meeting to discuss the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program, program director Michael Rozen of Feinberg Rozen, with DuPont representatives present, removed a reporter from local station WTAP-TV before the meeting could start. In a heated exchange, Michael Rozen also attempted to force members of Keep Your Promises to leave the public meeting.

“What is Mr. Rozen trying to hide?” questioned Keep Your Promises advisory committee member Harold Bock, one of the community members who was told by Michael Rozen to leave the meeting but opted to stay. “You can’t invite the whole community to an open forum and then kick out the journalists who come to cover it and the community members who come to ask important questions.”

The town hall meeting was the final of four meetings scheduled for yesterday and today and advertised in the local newspaper. Members of Keep Your Promises were in attendance to ask questions about DuPont and program director Rozen’s conflict-of-interest, which was revealed when Keep Your Promises released a series of invoices last week showing that DuPont has paid Feinberg Rozen over $9 million since February 2013.

“Who does Mr. Rozen really work for?” asked Bock. “Where is the contract? Who does he report to at DuPont? These are all questions this community deserves to know the answers to.”

Last week, Keep Your Promises demanded the public release of DuPont’s contract with Michael Rozen. That contract still has not been released.