DuPont doesn’t care about other communities.

Does it really care about Wilmington?

Get The Facts

Joe Kiger, Parkersburg WV

Starting in 1951, DuPont used a chemical called C-8 to manufacture Teflon in my hometown of Parkersburg, WV. And they continued to for decades, even after discovering its life-threatening side effects in the mid-70’s.

DuPont finally came clean about C-8’s links to conditions like cancer, colitis and thyroid disease in a 2001 lawsuit. Despite that settlement, they’ve delayed crucial water safety programs, paid out less than one-percent of the medical monitoring fund they agreed to, and not compensated the thousands of people who are sick!

C-8 is harmful. DuPont knew this and hid the truth for decades. When the truth came out, they made promises they haven’t kept. My community isn’t the only one – there are dozens of others across the country.

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Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization whose members have lived and worked in the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley for their whole lives. We have seen first-hand the damage DuPont has done to our communities through the use and contamination of C-8, and we are dedicated to holding DuPont accountable to the promises they made to our communities.