Today, a jury in Columbus awarded plaintiff David Freeman $500,000 in punitive damages from DuPont for the company’s conscious disregard for the plaintiff’s health. The punitive damages are awarded in addition to the previous $5.1 million in compensatory damages awarded by the same jury on July 6. Keep Your Promises advisor Harold Bock issued a statement on behalf of the campaign applauding the jury’s punitive damages award:

“With today’s punitive damages award, there can be no denying DuPont’s decades of misconduct and conscious disregard for the health of mid-Ohio Valley residents. Not only was the company aware of the dangers of C-8, but they also knew the chemical was contaminating local drinking water at harmful levels. Despite this knowledge, and the availability of cheap, alternative disposal methods, DuPont continued to poison surrounding communities, deny any harm, and cover up the evidence.

“We are proud of the tireless efforts of the plaintiffs attorneys to reveal, in their words, DuPont’s sociopathic actions and to ensure that the award cannot be written off as just another cost of doing business.

“We know that no award will bring back the health of David Freeman and the thousands of others harmed by C-8, but we hope that it will deter DuPont from misconduct in the future.“