Today, members of Keep Your Promises DuPont attended the first day of DuPont’s next C-8 trial brought by David Freeman, a Little Hocking resident who alleges that DuPont’s C-8 contamination in drinking water caused his testicular cancer. The jury heard opening statements in the case, and both sides outlined the arguments they will undertake over the next several days of trial. Keep Your Promises member Harold Bock, who led the delegation to Columbus this morning, stated:

“After a decades long coverup and lengthy delays, we are thrilled to see that our neighbor David Freeman is finally having his day in court. Today’s opening statements convinced us that the truth about DuPont’s contamination will come out, and a jury of David’s peers will have an opportunity to hold DuPont accountable for irrevocably altering his life with this serious disease.

“We look forward to following the proceedings as they unfold over the coming days. We are confident that this trial will result in the justice David deserves.”

This trial is the fourth of approximately 3,500 cases filed against DuPont to hold the company accountable for causing C-8 linked diseases in people throughout the mid-Ohio Valley.