Yesterday, Keep Your Promises DuPont sent a letter to the boards of directors of DuPont and Dow Chemical regarding a number of inadequate or misleading disclosures in the companies’ joint merger proxy. The letter demands that the companies remedy the disclosure violations in the proxy and ensure that Dow and DuPont shareholders are provided the requisite disclosures so as to allow them to vote their shares at the companies’ July 20, 2016 special meetings.

Click here to view the letter.

“DuPont and Dow shareholders have a right to be informed of the mounting liabilities connected to C-8 and other contaminated sites, and we do not think that they should be left in the dark,” stated Jeffrey Dugas, Campaign Manager for Keep Your Promises DuPont. “If DuPont and Dow have nothing to hide, they should come clean before shareholders vote on the merger next week.”

On July 20, 2016, DuPont and Dow Chemical shareholders will vote their shares on the companies’ joint merger proxy.