September 4, 2015  | by Brett Dunlap

PARKERSBURG – A local organization committed to protecting the area from the harmful effects of the chemical C8 is sending letters to communities along the Ohio River warning them of possible danger.

Keep Your Promises adviser Dr. Paul Brooks, of Wood County, sent a letter this week to local authorities representing communities bordering the Ohio River in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky to warn of the possibility that drinking water in their communities is contaminated with dangerous levels of C8, originating at the Washington Works facility in Parkersburg, formerly operated by DuPont.

The letter cites a University of Cincinnati study published in November 2013, which found that girls in northern Kentucky had blood levels of C8 three times higher than those who drank water drawn from the Ohio River near Cincinnati, where water was filtered with state-of-the-art carbon filtration technology.

“Your community is likely exposed to dangerous levels of C8, and in order to protect your residents, you need to filter the water now,” said Brooks in the letter. “As a lifelong resident of the Mid-Ohio Valley and a physician who has spent a great deal of time studying the health effects of C8, there is nothing more important to me than making sure our communities and our children are protected from this dangerous chemical,” Brooks said.

“Our water will never be safe to drink unless officials like you stand up and demand that a filtration system be put in place,” Brooks concluded.