June 24, 2016 — By JEFFREY SAULTON

Water issues dominated Thursday’s meeting of Vienna City Council.

In unanimous votes, the council approved the second reading of an ordinance for the construction of the filters to remove C8, accepted an access and indemnification agreement between the city and Chemours and accepted a donation of land on 58th Street from the Wood County Board of Education to give the city more room to build the filter building for one of the well fields.

During the public hearing, Councilman Bruce Rogers spoke about a call from an elderly citizen asking him why nothing was done sooner. Rogers said she hung up as he tried to explain the city’s actions to her.

City attorney Russ Skogstad, left, reads the ordinance approving the construction of the filters to remove C8 from the city’s water supply. Listening are, from left, Mayor Randy Rapp, Recorder Cathy Smith and Councilmen Roger Bibbee and Jim Miracle.

“When we first found out C8 was in our water the mayor called me and told me what had happened,” he said. “When we heard from Mr. Deitzler and Dr. Paul Brooks, every council member was upset at the levels in our water.”

Rogers said the city was making plans to address the situation since the level was within the .4 parts per billion provisional levels set by the EPA.

“It wasn’t until May 16 (when the lifetime exposure levels were set) when the EPA pulled the rug out from under us and dropped it down to (.07 parts per billion) where it is now and we had to use bottled water,” Rogers said. “I know it is very inconvenient for those who cannot be on the water from Parkersburg, but from what Dr. Brooks said there are many inferences as far as what C8 can do to people. I’m sorry but as soon as we found out, the council and mayor ordered an engineering study to be done.”

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