Ms. Kullman,

We, the members of Keep Your Promises DuPont, are dedicated to holding your company to the promises you made to our communities after more than five decades of contamination with the harmful chemical C-8, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. Now, ten years after those promises were made, we are demanding an end to your secrecy about how our communities will be made whole.

Starting in 1951, C-8 was used at your company’s Washington Works plant in Parkersburg, WV. Your company knew about the dangers of C-8. However, this information was kept secret for decades. It took a lawsuit 50 years later to reveal the ugly truth.

A 2005 settlement set the stage for large-scale testing that showed that C-8 exposure is linked to kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), and pregnancy-induced high blood pressure (including preeclampsia).

With concrete proof of the harms of C-8, your company made four promises to our community:

  1. You would compensate the people who are sick due to C-8.
  2. You would fund and effectively administer the medical monitoring of people in the community.
  3. You would compensate people who get sick due to C-8 in the future.
  4. You would treat the drinking water of the affected water districts.

Ten years later, these promises remain unfulfilled.

In light of the proposed spinoff of your Performance Chemicals division, we at Keep Your Promises DuPont are concerned that we have been given no assurance that these promises will ever be fulfilled.

We are demanding full transparency in these matters that so deeply concern our community and all of your stakeholders. We are demanding that you release the following:

  • Any and all documents, including the Separation Agreement, that explain how the liabilities connected to C-8 in the Mid-Ohio Valley will be accounted for after the spinoff.
  • All documents related to the safety of the chemicals DuPont produced to replace C-8 and any environmental damage outside of Parkersburg caused by C-8, including damage to the general population.

Ms. Kullman, it’s time to stop the secrecy. It’s time for DuPont to tell the truth to all affected communities and the stakeholders who have a right to information about losses connected to C-8 that, in your words, “could be material” to the new company.

Affected communities and stakeholders deserve full transparency.


Keep Your Promises DuPont