Keep Your Promises DuPont advisor Harold Bock released this statement in response to Tuesday’s news regarding merger talks between DuPont and Dow Chemical:

“Yesterday’s news, while significant, comes as no surprise to those who have been fighting for justice from DuPont since 2001. After decades of covering up the dangers of C-8 and fighting accountability in the courts, the failed spinoff of Chemours this summer continued DuPont’s pattern of evading responsibility for the harm they’ve caused to thousands of mid-Ohio Valley families. The rumored merger and split with Dow Chemical is a continuation of DuPont’s pattern of throwing up roadblocks to justice for C-8 victims.

“We would caution Dow Chemical and its stakeholders that DuPont still has not disclosed significant liabilities related to future C-8 litigation, Benzene, 171 remediation sites, and other environmental liabilities. Despite DuPont’s maneuvers to pass these liabilities to Chemours, if the merger proceeds, Dow and DuPont may ultimately be responsible for these claims. We encourage all stakeholders in this proposed merger to examine the multitude of outstanding liabilities facing this company before the proposed merger is completed, especially in light of the Chemours spinoff this past summer, which resulted in plummeting share prices and a company that is failing. Are stakeholders of DuPont and Dow Chemical willing to risk that fate?

“Our community has suffered for long enough from the damage DuPont left behind, and we pray that DuPont’s latest corporate ploy does not further delay the compensation of medical costs, water filtration, remediation of contaminated sites, and medical monitoring that our children, families, and neighbors sorely need.”

Ken Cook, President of Environmental Working Group, added the following statement:

“It is sobering to think that two corporations responsible for so many dangerous chemicals may join forces, but it also shows that the chemical industry is circling the wagons, because the tide of scientific evidence and public opinion is against them. Making chemicals that poison communities, threaten our children’s health, and pollute the environment is not a viable business model in a sustainable and healthy future.”