DuPont's told us all along that they will keep their promises and take care of the Mid-Ohio Valley. But now it's getting complicated: This summer, DuPont is spinning off its Performance Chemicals division into a brand new company.

And it's not clear what this means for our communities.

Sign our petition above and let DuPont know they can't spinoff their responsibilities.

Here's the multi-million dollar question: Who will pay for the harm C-8 caused to our communities?

The details of the new company, Chemours, have been a closely guarded secret. DuPont hasn't even said if Chemours can afford the C-8 Medical Monitoring Fund, the water cleanup, and the injury costs.

We need answers.

Again and again, we've seen corporations spin off divisions with the sole purpose of abandoning their debts and responsibilities.

Let DuPont know we're not going to let them do this to the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Add your name above and demand that DuPont stop the secrecy. Our local communities and others across the country need to know that they'll be taken care of -- there's just too much at stake.