Over the past two years, DuPont has paid $9 million to Michael Rozen to administer the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program while just $50,000 has been paid for medical claims.

Email Image Draft 3[UPDATE 2/28] Because of the pressure from our campaign, Michael Rozen just slashed his monthly invoice to DuPont by almost half. Still, his January invoice was more than $250,000.

We need to know what else they might be hiding!

DuPont and Rozen are reeling. If we can have this impact in just one month, imagine the difference we can make once DuPont releases the contract!

Tell Dupont: Stop keeping secrets. Make your contract with Michael Rozen public.

Over the past two years, DuPont has paid $9 million to Michael Rozen and his New York City settlement firm to administer the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program, according to a series of invoices just released. Meanwhile, the Program has only paid out $50,233.26 for medical claims, or 0.02% of the Medical Monitoring Program’s $235 million fund.


Michael Rozen and his firm, Feinberg Rozen, claim to be an independent third party. But he’s paid by DuPont, and the details of his contract are a secret from the public.

Feinberg Rozen has been accused of similar misrepresentation before. In February 2011 a federal judge ordered the firm to stop representing itself as a neutral party to victims of the BP Deepwater Horizon spill, when it was really representing BP.

“I question why Rozen has been paid so handsomely by DuPont to accomplish so little in the way of providing medical monitoring to the individuals that qualify for it.”

“For [Mr. Rozen] to claim that he is independent at this point reminds me of the fox guarding the hen house. It’s disingenuous, and the exposed individuals deserve better.”

– Dr. Paul Brooks