The Parkersburg and Vienna communities deserve clean, safe drinking water. Sign this petition to show your solidarity with them and to tell DuPont that it’s time to do the right thing by cleaning their water.

This summer, troubling scientific evidence was released that indicates that C-8 could be harmful to human health in amounts significantly smaller than previously thought. Based off of this new evidence, as of September 2014, the C-8 level in Parkersburg's water is 130 times higher than what is safe and the water in Vienna is 180 times higher.

Following a 2006 legal settlement surrounding DuPont's contamination of the mid-Ohio Valley with the chemical C-8, the company was required to filter the water in six different mid-Ohio Valley water districts. However, the water in two other districts -- the Parkersburg and Vienna districts -- has never been filtered because the C-8 levels in these locations were measured to be just under the amount required in order for DuPont to be held legally responsible for the clean up.

Now that this new evidence about the harmfulness of even tiny amounts of C-8 is available, it's more important than ever that DuPont clean up the mess it made in Parkersburg and Vienna. Sign this petition to tell DuPont: Clean our water!