For decades, DuPont purposefully withheld important information about the harmful health effects of C-8, which is a chemical that the company used to manufacture Teflon at its plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Now, DuPont is in court trying to worm its way out of being held accountable for this decision.

But the testimony one C-8 victim gave in court is a chilling example of why it’s so important that DuPont come clean about its wrongdoing. As the Columbus Dispatch reports of Carla Bartlett’s testimony:

“There was the pain from the incision, a catheter tube and a drainage tube, and of being stuck in a recliner for three months before being able to sleep in a bed.

Then there was the emotional distress, from being unable to care for her husband and two boys, of worrying about what would happen to them if she died.”

With this petition, we’re going to send a message to DuPont: We know you’re lying about C-8, and we’re not going to let you get away with it any longer!