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Keep Your Promises.

It’s the name of a watchdog group formed to remind DuPont of its obligations from a decade old settlement.

Since the last of the C8 science panel’s briefings on the effects of the controversial chemical, about the only public news about the chemical has been the filing of a series of lawsuits.

Keep Your Promises is the name of a non-profit group whose stated goal is compensation from DuPont to those who suffered C8 related illnesses.

It has established a website aimed at involving residents in the ongoing legal process.

“One of the promises DuPont made is to keep these people informed. We don’t feel they’ve been diligent in that process. They’ve been taking baby steps, and they need to be more forthright with the people in the community, and let them know there’s a lot of people worried about what’s going on with C8, and what effect it will have on their health, not only now, but in the future,” says Joe Kiger, an advisory committee member.

DuPont has said it plans to end production and use of C8 this year, but organizers admit part of the reasons behind the effort include the recent sale of some Washington Works divisions to other companies.

Washington Works, when made aware of the group’s formation, issued a statement.

It says that, in addition to funding the science panel’s work, it committed to provide water filtration systems for area water districts, and fund a medical monitoring program for local residents. DuPont says it will continue to meet its obligations.

Among the things the group pledges to do through its website is to educate people on how to obtain that medical monitoring.

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