Parkersburg News & Sentinel – October 11, 2016 A federal judge in Columbus, Ohio, has ruled DuPont must supply documents related to C8 pollution in the Netherlands in the damage cases being litigated in U.S. District Court. More than 3,500 lawsuits have been filed alleging adverse health impacts from the use of the material to… Read More

Today, Keep Your Promises DuPont sent a letter to the board of directors of Chemours regarding a number of inadequate or misleading disclosures in the company’s shareholder filings. The letter demands that the company remedy the disclosure violations in the filings and ensure that Chemours shareholders are provided the requisite disclosures in advance of the… Read More

Citron Research came out strongly against DuPont in a report this afternoon, detailing the many flaws of the Chemours spinoff: Click here to read the report. None of this information, including the conclusion that Chemours is headed for bankruptcy, comes as any surprise to us. Bloomberg, CNBC, Barron’s, and others have since picked up on… Read More

April 28, 2016 | Jess Mancini PARKERSBURG – A DuPont-Chemours watch group this week issued a report it says is a comprehensive summary of the companies’ worldwide liabilities from C8 contamination, but the report was “misleading and inaccurate in many respects,” Chemours said. Keep Your Promises DuPont cited five areas of liability, including contamination at… Read More

Today, in advance of DuPont’s and Chemours’s Annual General Meetings on Wednesday, Keep Your Promises DuPont released a summary of the growing C-8 liabilities facing the companies (read the summary here). Arising from several material developments for stakeholders, including the revelation of widespread contamination in the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States in addition to… Read More

Keep Your Promises DuPont announced that it plans to pursue litigation opportunities with the nationally-known law firm of Levin Papantonio. This partnership will seek to hold DuPont, Chemours and their respective officers and directors accountable for their lack of transparency and failure to disclose the full extent of liabilities, which has created harm to stakeholders. “For several months… Read More

This morning, Chemours discussed its dismal financial performance during its Q4 Quarterly Earnings Call. Chemours’ leadership failed to provide clarity on the growth of C-8 and environmental liabilities, the company’s recent highly critical evaluation from Moody’s, how thousands of victims of C-8 contamination will be compensated and have their water filtered, and other crucial issues. The… Read More

On Wednesday, Chemours will hold its Q4 Earnings Call as it faces increased scrutiny amid mounting liabilities and a bleak financial outlook. The viability of the company, which was spun off from DuPont in July 2015, continues to be tested as it attempts to manage billions of dollars’ worth of potential liabilities that were transferred to… Read More

Keep Your Promises DuPont advisor Dr. Paul Brooks released this statement in response to Chemours’ Form 8-K SEC filing dated November 12, 2015: “Chemours’ disclosure to the SEC on Thursday is an acknowledgement of the company’s liabilities, and we are glad to see the company taking a step in the right direction in responding to… Read More

This morning, Chemours discussed its financial performance during its Q3 Quarterly Earnings Call. Faced with clear and significant liabilities in connection to C-8 contamination, Chemours leadership gave no indication that the company has accrued for these costs while baselessly downplaying the possibility of punitive damage awards in the upcoming bellwether trials and incorrectly stating that the… Read More