Today, in advance of DuPont’s and Chemours’s Annual General Meetings on Wednesday, Keep Your Promises DuPont released a summary of the growing C-8 liabilities facing the companies (read the summary here). Arising from several material developments for stakeholders, including the revelation of widespread contamination in the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States in addition to pivotal rulings by Federal Judge Sargus in the Leach litigation, DuPont and Chemours are now facing significantly higher liabilities than they have previously.

“DuPont and Chemours stakeholders should be furious that they are being kept in the dark about growing international C-8 liabilities,” stated Jeffrey Dugas of Keep Your Promises DuPont. “There is no question that Chemours is unable to shoulder this burden, and the consequences for both companies’ stakeholders will be profound.”

The summary details the new developments showing DuPont’s C-8 contamination to be a global issue, adding what could be billions of dollars in liabilities to a bill that already includes responsibility for the Leach class, Benzene litigation, and at least 171 undisclosed remediation sites.

“The people of the Mid-Ohio Valley have suffered long enough, and we deserve clean water, we deserve compensation for those who are ill, and we deserve accountability, not Wall Street shenanigans,” added Dugas.

Read the full summary here.

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