July 15, 2016 — By Jeffrey¬†Saulton

Since the EPA established a lifetime exposure level for C8 in May, work had been under way to get the city’s water system up, running and safe to use.

During Thursday’s meeting of Vienna City Council, Mayor Randy Rapp said they are getting closer one step at a time.

Installation of the first carbon filter at the 58th Street well field for wells 11-14 began Thursday morning. Soon people in the north end of Vienna and Boaz will be able to drink their tap water without any concern.

“All four filters (for the location) are now located on the pad and they are ready to be plumbed in and go into service,” he said. “They are approximately 26-feet tall and each will hold 20,000 pounds of activated carbon.”

Rapp had an answer for what he said is the most common question about the filters.

“I’ve been asked how much noise are these things going to make,” he said. “There is no noise, it is simply water going through a vessel, like using a garden hose.”

Rapp said the filters will have an insulated building around them, allowing the filters to be in service without knowing they are in operation.

“The only thing you’ll notice is a large building,” he said. “We anticipate within the next two weeks these will be in service and we will be able to take the upper part of Vienna of bottled water and all of Boaz once we get these in place. This is the news we’ve been looking for.”

Rapp said the filter will not have any effect on the water the rest of the city is getting from Parkersburg.

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