July 29, 2016 — By Jeffrey Saulton

VIENNA – Water free of C8 will be flowing through the pipes in the northern area of Vienna and Boaz in about 10 days.

Mayor Randy Rapp said Thursday the filter system under construction for wells 11-14 is close to completion. He said they have one more thing to do.

“Almost all of the actual construction in completed and now all that is left is the work to fill the tanks with the activated carbon, sanitizing the tanks and getting water samples back,” Rapp said. “We hope to be on line by Aug 8. The weather could delay us a day or two past that. We are doing all we can do to get the system back on line before school starts on Aug. 11.”

At Thursday’s city council meeting Rapp said contingency plans have been made between the city and the Wood County Board of Education to get water to the schools if the system is not back on line by then.

“All three schools (Jackson Middle School, Vienna Elementary School and Greenmont Elementary School) will have adequate water if the water system is back on,” Rapp said. “There is an issue on how soon we can get water results back from the lab.”

Neale Elementary School is in the area served by the temporary connection with the Parkersburg Utility Board.

Rapp said work at wells nine and 10 is proceeding in the area of the city receiving water from the Parkersburg Utility Board. As soon as some details are worked out, construction on the filters will begin immediately.

“They are estimating it will take up to six weeks,” he said. “Once nine and 10 are on line the connection with Parkersburg will be turned off and they will be back on Vienna’s water system.”

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