Today, plaintiffs attorneys rested their case in the third DuPont C-8 case, in which plaintiff David Freeman of Little Hocking, Ohio is seeking to hold DuPont accountable for causing his testicular cancer with C-8 in drinking water. Since June 1, plaintiffs attorneys have presented evidence to the jury regarding DuPont’s knowledge of the hazards of C-8, DuPont’s continued dumping of C-8 into the Ohio River and area landfills, and the company’s failure to warn residents. DuPont’s attorneys will now present evidence in defense of the company against these allegations.

Keep Your Promises advisor Harold Bock offered the following statement:

“We have had the privilege of observing the proceedings in the courtroom in Columbus since opening statements, and we are proud to report that the plaintiffs attorneys have made an excellent case that DuPont’s misconduct caused David Freeman’s cancer.

“The evidence presented illustrated that DuPont knew that C-8 was harmful, knew of alternative, safe disposal options yet opted to dump it into the local water supply instead, and never told local residents about the dangers. For the sake of all of us in the mid-Ohio Valley who have been harmed by DuPont’s C-8, we hope that David Freeman will win the justice he deserves.”