PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, Keep Your Promises released an open letter to DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman demanding transparency about how liabilities connected to C-8 contamination in the Mid-Ohio Valley will be accounted for after the spinoff of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals division.

Specifically, the letter demands the release of any and all documents that explain how the liabilities will be accounted for after the spinoff as well as all documents related to the safety of the chemicals DuPont produced to replace C-8, the environmental damage outside of Parkersburg caused by C-8, and any damage to the general population.

“Keep Your Promises is dedicated to holding DuPont to the promises they made to our communities after more than five decades of contamination with the harmful chemical C-8,” stated Keep Your Promises advisory committee member Joe Kiger. “Now, ten years after those promises were made, we are demanding an end to DuPont’s secrecy about how our communities will be made whole after the spinoff.”

The open letter cites the troubling history behind DuPont’s C-8, including the fact that DuPont knew for decades that the chemical was harmful yet kept their internal research secret. It also references the recent change to a DuPont Securities & Exchange Commission filing concerning the fate of the new company after the spinoff, in which DuPont acknowledges that the new company, Chemours, “could incur losses that could be material” from the C-8 settlement.

“It’s time for DuPont to stand up and tell the truth,” continued Kiger. “We have a right to know, and DuPont’s stakeholders have a right to know about the potential for substantial losses connected to C-8 liabilities. In DuPont’s own words, these losses could be material to the new company.”