The ANF Letter references various pending and potential litigation and investigatory matters to which the Company is now, or may become, a
party, including the multi-district litigation (MDL) related to personal injury cases associated with exposure to PFOA (the “PFOA MDL”). … Read More

Jury Cites DuPont For Malice In Teflon Chemical Trial, Awards $5M To Cancer Victim By Bill Walker, Vice President and Managing Editor THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2016 On Wednesday, a federal jury ordered DuPont to pay more than $5 million to an Ohio man who alleged he contracted testicular cancer from drinking water contaminated with a… Read More

Keep Your Promises DuPont, which represents people living near DuPont’s West Virginia plant who were exposed to PFOA, saw the spinoff as a deliberate dodge. “It looked to us like another way for DuPont to avoid paying the people of the mid-Ohio valley what they were owed,” said Dugas. “All of a sudden these massive liabilities are being transferred to a poorly capitalized company.”… Read More

Vienna council discusses C8 water emergency May 21, 2016 By JEFFREY SAULTON ([email protected]com) , Parkersburg News and Sentinel VIENNA – In light of changes in the federal guidelines regarding acceptable levels of C8 in drinking water, a special meeting of Vienna City Council was called Friday to let the public know what is being done to… Read More

Recent Vienna water tests well over new C8 limit David Gutman , Staff Writer May 20, 2016   Vienna residents were advised not to drink or cook with their municipal water on Thursday because five water samples, taken last year from throughout the water system, showed levels of C8 higher than a new advisory level… Read More

‘Do not drink’ advised for Vienna water after EPA issues C8 guidance David Gutman , Staff Writer May 19, 2016   Three West Virginia communities are changing their water sources after the federal Environmental Protection Agency released Thursday a new national standard for C8, a chemical that for years contaminated the drinking water of Wood… Read More

KYPD want to know where PFOA- (residual) waste has been This page has been roughly translated from Dutch. Click the link above for the original text. May 11, 2016   DORDRECHT / SLIEDRECHT – The action group Keep Your Promises DuPont (KYPD) requires short-term clarity on the matter PFOA (C8) from the chemical company Chem… Read More

Americans to Dordrecht to DuPont This page has been roughly translated from Dutch. Click the link above for the original text. DORDRECHT Americans of the organization Keep your Promises DuPont April, beginning at Dordrecht Sliedrecht to talk with residents and local councilors on pollution C8 by DuPont. That says campaign manager Jeff Dugas, please with the… Read More

…research finds that even very tiny concentrations of PFOA – below the reporting limit required by EPA’s tests of public water supplies – are harmful. This means that EPA’s health advisory level is hundreds or thousands of times too weak to fully protect human health with an adequate margin of safety. … Read More

Jeff Mordock, The News Journal 1:49 p.m. EDT June 11, 2015 (Photo: SAQUAN STIMPSON/SPECIAL TO THE NEWS JOURNAL) A group alleging DuPont failed to meet its environmental obligations has threatened action with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the Chemours spin off. The organization, Keep Your Promises DuPont, said Tuesday it will submit information to the… Read More