Currently, water from the six districts listed below is treated. The water from each of these districts is filtered to keep C-8 levels below 0.05 parts per billion (PPB). Before 2005, each district had C-8 levels measured above 0.05 PPB.

Treated water districts:

  • Little Hocking, Ohio
  • Belpre, Ohio
  • Village of Pomeroy, Ohio
  • Tuppers Plains, Ohio
  • Lubeck Public Service District, West Virginia
  • Mason County Public Service District, West Virginia

Additionally, if your private well is listed here, your water has also been treated: List of Treated Private Water Supplies

But if you drink water from the Parkersburg Water District, your water is not treated.

When first tested, Parkersburg’s water was measured at 0.049 parts per billion, just under the threshold. Later testing of the Parkersburg public water system with more precise equipment showed results above 0.05 PPB.

Read more about regulatory guidelines on C-8 levels in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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