Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization whose members have lived and worked in the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley for their whole lives. We have seen first-hand the damage DuPont has done to our communities through the use and contamination of C-8, and we are dedicated to holding DuPont accountable to the promises they made to our communities.

Advisory Committee

DrBrooks Primary
Dr. Paul Brooks

With a lifelong career in the medical field, Paul Brooks, Jr., MD contributes his years of experience and medical knowledge to the campaign. Paul offers a direct doctoral perspective on the medical monitoring process, and he hopes that every member of the community eligible for medical monitoring receives it, for the sake of their health and the health of future generations.

Joe Kiger

Joe Kiger is a long-time member of the Mid-Ohio Valley community who has followed the issue of C-8 contamination right from the start. As a lead plaintiff in the original class action lawsuit, Joe was a strong voice for justice for community members who have been harmed by C-8. “No matter how good a chemical plant can be economically to a community, it can also have a downside. In this case, the downside is community health.”

Harold Bock

An active member of the Mid-Ohio Valley community, Harold Bock first came into contact with Keep Your Promises after learning about the C-8-related health problems throughout the area. While living just a few miles from the plant, Harold now monitors their actions to protect not only his own health, but also for the health of future generations to come.

Patsy Flensborg

A former nurse, Patsy Flensborg also worked in management in the medical field. Along with Dr. Brooks, she offers a professional perspective on the medical monitoring process. She hopes that the campaign will help “those persons who were injured get the care they need.”

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