Data shows C8 affects immune system


By Katie Wilson |


(WTAP): Residents in the area are no strangers to the chemical C8’s adverse health effects.

DuPont and Chemours have been found liable in the first two of 3,500 lawsuits against them, in which people claim C8 exposure caused their cancer.

But Wednesday’s finding was something new.

Bloomberg research, using animal studies, found C8 hazardous to the immune system.

Some of the symptoms of C8 already proven include Ulcerative Collitis, thyroid disease, and high blood pressure in pregnant women.

The Environmental Protection Agency says people should be ok if they follow the new drinking water guidelines of .07 parts per billion, but Keep Your Promises DuPont worries more health consequences could follow.

“If this being the case, that the C8 is affecting the immune system, then more diseases may come forward, New York and all these places, and this is global,” said Jim Kiger of Keep Your Promises Dupont. “This is global. This is going to be all over the world.”

We reached out to Chemours for comment but have not heard back.