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DelawareOnline refuses to run Keep Your Promises advertisements critical of DuPont

Largest online news website in Delaware rejects advertisements including images of DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman and people sick from DuPont chemicals

WILMINGTON, DE – On Friday, May 8, Keep Your Promises DuPont was informed by DelawareOnline, the largest online news website in the state, that the advertisements designed by the website’s own advertising department and intended to appear on Sunday, May 10 had been rejected by a senior executive in the advertising department.

No explanation was provided for the rejection, despite repeated requests and the fact that the advertising space had been reserved for a full month prior to the desired date. Representatives from DelawareOnline’s advertising department had been communicating with Keep Your Promises and had a full understanding of the campaign’s goals for weeks prior to the rejection.

On Monday, May 11, Keep Your Promises submitted an alternative design with different creative and with a message similarly critical of DuPont. This time, the reason provided for the rejection was that the advertisement portrayed CEO Ellen Kullman inappropriately.

“This is the opposite of free speech,” stated Jeffrey Dugas, Campaign Manager for Keep Your Promises. “It’s one of the clearest examples of corporate-owned media I’ve ever seen. It does a serious disservice to the public, who deserve to know the ugly truth about DuPont.”

While no explanation was offered for the rejection of the first advertisement, Dennis Wichterman, DelawareOnline’s Vice President of Sales & Advertising, stated that the reason given for the rejection of the second was that the creative made “the CEO of DuPont look like a monkey”.

“When people see these ads, it will be clear that neither version is offensive to anyone except DuPont itself,” continued Dugas. “It’s frightening that in this day and age we still have major corporations censoring the press.”

The two versions of the ad creative rejected by DelawareOnline are below.

This ad creative was designed by DelawareOnline’s own advertising department and rejected by a senior executive on the afternoon of Friday, May 10, the last business day before the ad was set to run:



This ad creative was designed by Keep Your Promises as an alternative to the previous creative and was rejected on the morning of Monday, May 11:



About Keep Your Promises

Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization dedicated to holding DuPont to thepromises it made to the people of the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley in connection to the company’s contamination with the chemical C-8. The organization was developed in partnership with the Action Network Fund, a nonprofit organization that empowers citizens to stand up for their communities and their livelihoods in the face of corporate abuse.