Keep Your Promises DuPont cites recent reports that Chemours will cut dividend payments as a serious cause for concern about liabilities

PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, Keep Your Promises renewed demands for clarity about how DuPont and spinoff Chemours will keep its promises to mid-Ohio Valley communities in light of recent reports that Chemours may cut or eliminate its initial dividend payment to investors. This news triggered a furious response from Keep Your Promises members.

“This week’s news about the Chemours dividend confirms what we’ve feared for a long time: that this fraud of a spinoff has left victims at the mercy of an underfunded company that isn’t even able to honor its commitments to investors, much less its commitments to the folks suffering in the Valley,” stated Keep Your Promises advisory committee member Harold Bock. “We deserve better, and DuPont’s latest ploy is a slap in the face to everyone the company has injured.”


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About Keep Your Promises


Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization dedicated to holding DuPont to the promises it made to the people of the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley in connection to the company’s contamination with the chemical C-8. The organization was developed in partnership with the Action Network Fund, a nonprofit organization that empowers citizens to stand up for their communities and their livelihoods in the face of corporate abuse.