Keep Your Promises and Environmental Working Group met Thursday with Environmental Protection Agency officials to urge the agency to update its C-8 health advisory level and explore ways EPA can aid mid-Ohio Valley communities that have been exposed to dangerous levels of DuPont’s Teflon chemical. 

“This meeting was a crucial step in protecting the health of mid-Ohio Valley residents today and for generations to come,” said Keep Your Promises advisor Dr. Paul Brooks, who attended the meeting. “Residents of the mid-Ohio Valley have been left at the mercy of DuPont and this dangerous chemical for too long.”

In the meeting at EPA Region 3 headquarters, Dr. Brooks and EWG staff attorney Tina Sigurdson focused attention on new science showing that C-8 may be unsafe at any level.They told EPA that stricter regulations are needed to protect the mid-Ohio Valley from further contamination.

“The EPA has a moral obligation to protect our community,” said Dr. Brooks. “With the emerging new science, it’s imperative that the EPA set lower standards for C-8 in drinking water to make the need for filtration clear to affected communities.”

“The threat C-8 poses to both the mid-Ohio Valley and the nation is clearer than ever,” said Sigurdson. “It’s been more than a decade since C-8’s dangers became known, and EPA should act quickly to protect public health”


About Keep Your Promises

Keep Your Promises is a community-based organization dedicated to holding DuPont to the promises it made to the people of the mid-Ohio Valley in connection to the company’s contamination with the chemical C-8.

About EWG

The Environmental Working Group has researched the health hazards of C-8 since 2002, and recently issued a report on the new science showing harm from very low levels of the chemical.