PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, Keep Your Promises issued a statement from advisor Joe Kiger regarding DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman’s impending resignation:

“While this news is not unexpected given the reckless spinoff of DuPont’s Specialty Chemicals division and CEO Kullman’s handling of the C-8 issue in our communities, Ms. Kullman’s resignation does not let DuPont off the hook.

A decade after DuPont promised to compensate those they harmed with C-8, to fund and administer medical monitoring, and to clean up drinking water in our communities, none of these promises have been fulfilled. We expect that DuPont’s new leadership will recognize the company’s responsibility to the thousands who are sick from this chemical and that the new CEO will fulfill the promises made to our communities.

We demand that interim CEO Edward Breen honor DuPont’s commitments to our friends, families, and neighbors who have been harmed by this company’s reckless behavior.”