On Wednesday, Keep Your Promises DuPont will show its support for David Freeman as his case against DuPont goes to trial in federal court in Columbus, Ohio. Freeman says that his testicular cancer resulted from drinking water tainted by C-8, the toxic chemical that DuPont used to make Teflon. Harold Bock and Joe Kiger will lead a group of Keep Your Promises members to attend the start of the trial.

“David Freeman is our neighbor, and his fight to hold DuPont accountable is our fight,” stated Keep Your Promises advisor Harold Bock. “We will ensure that David and the rest of the 3,500 plaintiffs in the DuPont case know that we stand with them and support them in this David vs Goliath fight for accountability.”

Jury selection for the trial is set to begin Tuesday, and opening statements are expected to begin Wednesday.

An earlier jury verdict against DuPont in 2015 found the company responsible for leaking C-8 into the water supply near its Washington Works plant in West Virginia, which lead to a 59-year-old woman developing cancer.