PARKERSBURG, WV – Today, a series of invoices for payments by DuPont totaling $9 million to the administrator of the Medical Monitoring Program were made public by the community organization Keep Your Promises DuPont. Most believed the money paid to Michael Rozen’s firm, Feinberg Rozen, was for the successful administration of the program. However, to date, the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program has only paid out $50,233.26 for medical claims, or 0.02 percent of the program’s $235 million fund.

“I question why Rozen has been paid so handsomely by DuPont to accomplish so little in the way of providing medical monitoring to the individuals that qualify for it,” stated Dr. Paul Brooks, a Keep Your Promises advisory committee member.

Keep Your Promises is demanding that DuPont make public its contract with Feinberg Rozen and that an investigation be launched into its handling of the fund.

“For [Mr. Rozen] to claim that he is independent at this point reminds of the ‘fox guarding the hen house’ scenario,” continued Dr. Brooks. “It’s disingenuous, and the exposed individuals deserve better.”

Michael Rozen’s firm, Feinberg Rozen, has been accused of similar misrepresentation before. In February 2011, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier ordered Rozen’s partner Kenneth Feinberg to stop representing himself to claimants of the BP Deepwater Horizon Victim Compensation Fund as a neutral party when he was a lawyer and agent representing BP.

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