May 26, 2016 — By JESS MANCINI

VIENNA – A connection between the Parkersburg and Vienna water systems will be completed today, the mayor of Vienna said Wednesday.

“That’s what they’re telling me,” Mayor Randy Rapp said.

The linkage, while previously discussed, was prompted by the release last week of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lifetime C8 exposure health advisory of 0.07 parts per billion. C8, once used to make Teflon at the DuPont Washington Works, is a suspected carcinogen that has been linked to six diseases in humans, based on the analysis of health data from 70,000 residents by the science panel created under the terms of the settlement of the C8 class-action lawsuit in 2009.

Donnie Taylor, construction laborer for Godwin Pumps of Charleston, attaches a gate valve to a check valve on a pump to be installed at the connection between the Vienna and Parkersburg Utility Board water systems Wednesday in the parking lot by Home Depot on Grand Central Avenue adjacent to the access road to the West Virginia Masonic Home.

The connection will allow Vienna water customers south of 23rd Street to use water from the tap provided by the city of Parkersburg where the concentration of C8 in the water is below the new 0.07 parts per billion long-term health advisory issued on Thursday. C8 is at concentrations above 0.07 ppb in Vienna.

Construction started Tuesday on the connection located between Home Depot and the access road to the West Virginia Masonic Home where the lines from the two systems are less than 50 feet apart. The first estimate was the connection would be completed on Wednesday.