“C8, it’s their mess!” This page has been roughly translated from Dutch. Click the link above for the original text. DORDRECHTThe meeting about DuPont and the toxic substance C8 Tuesday night brought little clarity. ,, We are all concerned people, ” one man expressed his frustration with the lack of information. Ingrid de Groot 06-04-16,… Read More

Dutch Blood Testing Takes DuPont Teflon Safety Scare to Europe April 11, 2016 — 12:00 AM EDT Elco Van Groningen, Tiffany Kary, Jack Kaskey   Hundreds of residents in the Dutch city of Dordrecht have signaled an interest in getting their blood tested for a chemical used at a former DuPont Co. factory, harking back to a… Read More

US EPA: Hoosick Falls Water Contamination In 2015, members of the Hoosick Falls community have contacted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with concerns and questions about whether they should drink, bathe in, or cook with their water, which has been found to contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). PFOA is a manmade chemical that is toxic… Read More

Plant paying for N.Y. C8 treatment process Contamination non-detectable from temporary system March 16, 2016 By JESS MANCINI ([email protected]) , Parkersburg News and Sentinel PARKERSBURG – A filtration system to remove C8 from a New York town’s water supply is being paid for by the chemical company, officials said. The Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Plant at… Read More

DUPONT WORKERS WANT BLOOD TESTS AFTER EXPOSURE TO TOXIC TEFLON CHEMICALS Posted on Mar 9, 2016 by Janene Pieters Employees of chemical company DuPont in Dordrecht are demanding blood tests after it was revealed that they worked for years with the toxic substance C8, which is used to make Teflon for non-stick pans. They are… Read More

Teflon DuPont employees want blood This page has been roughly translated from Dutch. Click the link above for the original text. Teflon DuPont employees want blood Employees who worked in the chemical plant DuPont, require new blood test at the expense of their employer. The men sometimes worked their whole lives with the toxic substance… Read More

Vienna releases C8 test samples February 24, 2016 By Jess Mancini – News and Sentinel.com , Marietta Times VIENNA, W.Va. – The latest tests of the water in Vienna show C8 levels below the Environmental Protection Agency limits, city officials said at a press conference on Tuesday. But any concentration is a health hazard, an… Read More

Hundreds gather at meeting to discuss contaminated Hoosick Falls water By Lindsay Nielsen Published: January 14, 2016, 9:54 pm Updated: January 29, 2016, 10:38 pm HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The people of Hoosick Falls expressed their concerns over contaminated water to environmental officials on Thursday. “Could we have acted sooner and saved lives in Hoosick… Read More

The FDA’s belated action comes more than a decade after EWG and other advocates sounded alarms and five years after U.S. chemical companies stopped making the chemicals. It does nothing to prevent food processors and packagers from using almost 100 related chemicals that may also be hazardous.… Read More