Today, Keep Your Promises advisor Harold Bock issued a statement on behalf of the campaign applauding the jury’s verdict in favor of plaintiff Kenneth Vigneron in the DuPont C-8 trial, including a compensatory award of $2 million and punitive damages. There will be additional testimony starting on January 4, 2017 before the jury awards a dollar amount for punitive damages. Today’s verdict was the second of the DuPont C-8 trials to result in punitive damages for the plaintiff, indicating for the second time that DuPont showed malice and conscious disregard for mid-Ohio Valley residents.

Read Harold Bock’s statement below:

“We at Keep Your Promises are heartened by the jury’s decision in this case. This verdict vindicates all of us who have been fighting for over a decade for DuPont to do the right thing.

“Last month, we traveled to Columbus for the opening of Kenneth Vigneron’s trial against DuPont. Kenneth, just like over three thousand people in the mid-Ohio Valley, are sick from DuPont’s C-8, which they dumped into the Ohio River for decades. DuPont promised to compensate everyone who they made sick, but we have waited twelve years for them to fulfill that promise. In the meantime, people’s illnesses are getting worse.

“We went to Columbus to show the side of the story I think is forgotten in the talk of share price and megamergers: the human cost of DuPont’s actions. Thousands of people like Kenneth trusted that the water coming out of our taps was safe to drink. We trusted that DuPont would not knowingly dump toxic, cancer-causing chemicals into our water supply. DuPont took advantage of that trust.

“For thousands of people in the Valley, it is too late for DuPont to undo the damage they caused over half a century of pollution. What DuPont can do is take responsibility and fulfill the promises they made to us over a decade ago. Today’s verdict is a step in the right direction. This holiday season, I and the rest of Keep Your Promises are calling on DuPont to do the right thing for all mid-Ohio Valley families. DuPont, it’s time to keep your promises.”